Star Tours

With Warner Bros. Movie World becoming a global destination, it was time for them to add new & exciting products to their line-up that matched their worldwide counterparts.

An exclusive opportunity for guests to go behind the scenes.

Star Tours is a new product introduced in 2016 to give guests an unprecedented look at multiple facets of how a large theme park like Warner Bros. Movie World works on a daily basis.

With pre-vis and location scouting completed in advance, for two days we jumped between the park's expansive grounds, climbing, droning & gliding through a myriad of stills & film shots to bring together a product that has the fit & finish that Warner Bros. Movie World is known for.


Village Roadshow Theme Parks


Warner Bros. Movie World


May 2016


Pre-production, cinematography, production, post-production, offline edit, colour grade

Big TVC production quality for a digital price-point

Movie World's team wanted to put their best foot forward as they created a brand new behind the scenes offering to their guests.

Our ambition for this project was to create a finished product that felt like it was crafted by a large production team. We leveraged drone vision and film cameras that excel in low-light conditions to create a final product that's cinematic & engaging.

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