A behind the scenes experience full of Aussie theme park firsts.

Continually motivated to offer guests more quality experiences and inspired by other global theme park operators like Merlin & Universal, Movie World’s team set out to offer a behind the scenes experience like no other. We were engaged to assist in bringing this idea to life, going right into the heart of the experience to capture the essence of what makes it so captivating and unique.

Services Used
  • Cinematography
  • Photography
  • Pre-Production
  • Post-Production
  • Creative Consultation
  • 30 Second Spot
  • 2:15 Digital Feature
  • Photography
  • Raw Vision
Village Roadshow Theme Parks


In the thick of it all.

By using a combination of drones and shoulder-mounted run and gun rigs, we were able to deliver cinematography that puts viewers right in the centre of the action.

Star Tour TVC 0:30

Catch a glimpse of Movie World’s Star Tour.

Star Tour Digital 2:15

Movie World’s team walk viewers through the components of Star Tour.

Photography that shows

the scale and emotion

of the experience.

In order to give Village plenty of options to use in their marketing materials, we continued to follow our group throughout the entire day, capturing all the real, genuine reactions and expressions in the process.