Real dresses designed for real Australians.

The big question in creating a new e-commerce site that sells dresses worth up to several hundred dollars a piece is how do you convey a sense of confidence and trust to potential customers? The strategy (one that was a Roache concept from the ground up) was to use the brand’s in-house expertise, going so far as to name the brand after the family itself to build immediate authenticity, despite being a fresh start-up.

  • Pitman
Services Used
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website
  • Post-Production
  • Ben Roache – Director
  • Yusuke Minezumi – AD
  • Luke Beazley – AD
  • 2017 – Present

A start-up brand that broke even in less than 45 days.

Right from the word go we did extensive research into understanding the existing market and customer expectations to craft a user experience that minimises noise and simply offers users exactly what they want. With a minimal design and clean photography combined with a modern, robust platform, our strategy realised revenue on day one, and broke even within a few weeks.


Affiliate & drop-shipping systems with incredibly useful analytics as standard.

Part of the process of achieving success early on is integrating both affiliate and drop-shipping systems directly into the platform to both minimise handling of the orders and incentivising early partners to engage with new un-tapped audiences. All of this is refined through careful monitoring of analytics to give customers more of what they want and discover problems before they become major issues.

Films that capture the core of the brand philosophy.

Film content is the new major medium for getting your message heard online. With simple, clean and sophisticated pieces, we were able to grab people’s attention sooner on social platforms and convert potential customers .

Launch Clip 0:41

A montage of genuine women wearing real dresses in some of Brisbane’s most iconic landmarks and destinations.

Bridal & Bridesmaids 0:34

Watch as our bridal party head to the top of Mt Cootha and check out the brilliant view on their special day.

Southbank Shoot 0:16

A lightning quick video designed to peak the interest of even the most dismissive social media user.

Evening Wear 0:56

A short clip showcasing the launch of a new collection, shot exclusively in Sydney’s harbour bay area.