Setting a new bar for quality content in an interesting & unique niche industry.

For over five years OurWorlds has been innovating theme park content and setting a new gold standard for both film & photography in several countries. It’s also served as a platform for us to discover new insights and experiment with emerging technologies and platforms so we can create better solutions for our clients.

  • OurWorlds
Services Used
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website
  • Post-Production
  • Ben Roache – Director
  • Yusuke Minezumi – AD
  • Luke Beazley – AD
  • 2013 – Present

Innovative, unique content told differently.

From it’s conception, OurWorlds has served as a platform to discover new and unique ways to tell stories for the theme park world. With our unique passion for cinematography in the field, we’ve developed unique one-off rigs and practices that allow us to get shots and content that rivals major ad agency productions.


A platform for new ideas and experimentation.

One of the greatest thing about OurWorlds is the ability for us to explore new ideas and discover what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to new digital platforms and the optimal strategies for delivering content.

Bluring the line between official and unofficial industry content & media.

Our strategy from day one was to create content, whether that be film, photo or editorial and  push the bar  in whatever way we can to create content on the fly that rivals some theme park’s own internal productions. And the proof’s in the pudding – in the past several years we’ve had everyone from manufacturers, designers and the parks themselves license our work and commission our team on new projects to increase their online visibility.

Rivals Insight 1:36

Creative use of drone and CG shots allowed us to create something incredibly sharable on social media.

White Christmas 2:56

Watch as we take some impromptu film to reflect about our Christmas.

Pyrenees POV 2:52

Watch some quality onboard vision captured in the heart of Japan at Shima Spain Village.

Buzzsaw Review 1:26

A quick clip that dives into one of Dreamworld’s most prominent thrill rides.