Real, authentic media from one of the Gold Coast's most iconic annual events.

Hot on the heals of our series of well received content series from OurWorlds, Village Roadshow Theme Parks approached us to really take it to the next level, offering unprecedented access to get incredible vision of the Gold Coast’s premiere Halloween event.

  • Warner Bros. Movie World
Services Used
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Hero Imagery
  • Raw Vision
  • Digital Clips
  • In-house media
  • 2015 – 2016

Unique perspectives that drops jaws.

By being light and nimble and combining it with our expertise in understanding theme parks, for over two years we were able to go where no other crew or agency have gone before us and capture the most immersive, most engaging  content possible. 

Fright Nights ’15 1:25

A personal favourite – this clip was distributed digitally, presented to Village’s executive board and shown in the park’s cinema to both guests and staff.

Fright Nights ’16 3:08

With the second year in full swing, we upped the ante and delved deeper into the mazes.

Terror Tour 2:58

This clip uncovers the additional experiences on offer at Fright Nights.

Real Mazes 0:46

A hype clip we created in the lead up to Fright Nights opening.