Fright Nights

A Gold Coast annual tradition, Warner Bros. Movie World has been raising the stakes every Halloween for over a decade. We incorporated smart film & photo and leveraged digital to engage with a younger audience.

An exercise in hype & fear.

For both 2015 & 2016, we played a role in creating content that took viewers right into the heart of the action. No prepared scenes or paid actors, just real, raw reactions of Warner Bros. Movie World's mazes and precincts. Despite our shooting limitations, we were able to create cinematic quality final products that went on to help make almost every Fright Nights event a complete sell-out.


Village Roadshow Theme Parks


Warner Bros. Movie World


October 2015 & 2016


Pre-production, cinematography, production, post-production, offline edit, colour grade

Run & Gun to the extreme.

An event like Fright Nights, with thousands of paying guests, hundreds of scare actors and critical safety factors at every turn requires us to be always be mindful and out of the way while still being nimble enough to get the coverage we need.

We did all this, jumping in and out of mazes, arriving on time to shows, co-ordinating with park staff and even rigging to rides to get a full gamnut of incredible shots.

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