Capturing the essence of the most iconic attractions inside an Australian landmark destination.

For the past four years, we’ve continued to deliver some of Dreamworld’s most iconic media, often in some of the most toughest conditions with the tightest deadlines. Our specialty experience in the theme park industry has allowed us to deliver dependable, niche photo & film that tells real, authentic stories to Dreamworld’s guests, fans and supporters.

  • Dreamworld
Services Used
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Hero Imagery
  • Raw Vision
  • Digital Clips
  • In-house media
  • On-Ride Media
  • EPK Media
  • 2014 – Present

Outperforming top-tier ad agency content for less since 2014.

Since the first clips we produced for Dreamworld were shared online, our small, innovative & agile team have continued to outperform leading ad agency work by nearly 60% on average. It’s simply better storytelling delivering better results, and crafted in a way that retains the same cinematic quality iconic brands come to expect.

Pure Imagination 2:25

Guy Sebastian is Dreamworld’s key ambassador and reprised a version of the iconic song “Pure Imagination” for Dreamworld’s new ad campaign.

Anzac Day 3:08

Dreamworld was one of the first brands in the country to adopt a reconciliation action plan, and with it came an idea to honour a less celebrated community of veterans.

Global Tiger Day 2:58

This “day in the life” clip uncovers the lengths Dreamworld’s team go in day to day care and promoting the conservation of Tigers.

Fire Machine 0:46

A series of clips used for both TVC and digital to showcase a lead summer show spectacular.

Easter Bilby 6:45

Dreamworld’s commitment to wildlife sees it promoting Australian native wildlife every Easter.

Ethan’s Story 3:20

Another “day in the life” clip showcasing the extraordinary support Dreamworld has for training & education.

501st Skypoint 6:45

Every year Dreamworld partners with the 501st Squadron to raise money for charity.

Big 9 Thrill Rides 1:49

Discover the Tower of Terror onboard vision a long with other incredible clips on OurWorld’s YouTube page.

Tailspin 0:30

A quick digital clip that was cut to deliver quick insight to curious guests.

It’s Time. 1:22

As part of a pitch presentation, we un-earthed the library of the previous few year’s worth of work and recut a new montage clip.